Mick’s All You Can Eat Crab Feast
*Updated 3/22*
AYCE Blue Crabs – $48*
AYCE Snow Crabs – $60*

Our All You Can Eat Feast comes with a COMPLIMENTARY PICNIC BAR with picnic type items that is available while you enjoy your crabs.  The items on the food bar are subject to change based on availability.

Included with the price of our AYCE Feast is the Picnic Bar, Butter & Accompaniments, & Soft Drinks

Please call for information: 443-485-6007

*No Refunds On Mick’s All You Can Eat Feast!*

*All You Can Eat Crabs & Crabs By The Dozen CANNOT be mixed at the same table.*
*Price DOES NOT Include Tax or 18% Service Charge*

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